Monetising your audience is hard. We make it a whole lot easier, quicker, more predictable, less stressful and way more profitable - by tapping into explosive new revenue sources that you’ve never even thought of.

Here’s How


UPDATED: 7th of June 2023

Dear Creator,

We get it.

Making a profitable career out of your content and audience is hard.

Time consuming... Stressful... Unpredictable...


You came into this expecting a certain lifestyle.

Endless vacations on IG worthy destinations…

Automated money printing posts that fill your wallet and stroke your ego…

And the total freedom to pursue your dreams.


You often find yourself enviously comparing your content with those other creators...

Or anxiously praying to the AI overlords, so that they don’t annihilate your hard work by banning your account ...

(happens waaay to often urrgh)

Or maybe, just maybe, you’re simply unsure how others seem to make such a good living out of this gig.

I mean, perhaps you’ve actually been putting a backbreaking amount of effort but…

Where’s the flexible schedule?

The extra time for your family, friends or hobbies?

Where’s that steady, growing income?

Or that recognition that, truth to be told, we all crave?

Well, we have good news for you…

Because wherever the good stuff was hiding, it just became available to you.

No bullshit, no nonsense, no small print or wicked pacts with the devil.

Just ruthless dedication and precise strategic moves that will take you to the next level.

...All the while being smoothly carried on the shoulders of an experienced, multidisciplinary team that will be there for you at Every. Single. Step of the way.

And now you may ask...

“But will I really be able to outgrow my platform?”


“While increasing my revenue sources and gaining income security?”

Double Check.

“And you’re not saying all this just to trap me into a leonine contract, collect shady upfront fees or just ‘cause it sounds nice?”

Check, Check, and triple Check!

You see, we’re not your typical run of the mill influencer agency that pimp you out to the highest bidder.

Hell no.

We’re not in the modern day pimping business...

We’re in the ‘Building Empires’ business.

Empires that allow those who have a vision for themselves to carve their own path and be the masters of their own destiny.


We all know that you have what it takes - after all, you’ve already proven it by being a voice that thousands of followers consider worth listening to.

So the real question is...

What type of empire do you see yourself being the ruler of?

Pick your flavour below and let’s get this party started.



Skip the trial-and-error and never ending shit show of trying to figure everything out yourself for the very first time. And instead, grow your gig into a full fledged business whilst still having the time to enjoy your life.

Create Your Own Empire


So you're tired of being a mere pawn on someone else's kingdom hum - well, GOOD!

If you’ve always dreamed about creating your own brand, or there’s a range of products that are flawed or don't exist but should, this is your chance.

With partners in all things ecomm, logistics and manufacturing - we take the laborious and time consuming guesswork out of the equation so that your brand can come to life in months, not years.

You provide the vision and we’ll make it a reality.

Build Sellable Assets


If you’re looking to diversify your revenue sources and turbo charge your income, a JV is the simplest and most cost effective way of doing so.

It begins with a full assessment of your audience niche and market positioning.

Once we get that straight, we’ll source adequate products, aligned with your message and values, and take care of all the logistics and technical setup.

You then just have to promote them, as a co-owner, and dance to the 'ka-ching ka-ching' sound of recurring profit with every single sale made - It’s beautiful.

Focus on What You Do Best


Fed up with pesky businesses always trying to pull a fast one on you, but still like the doe they bring to the table?

Then we’ve got you covered.

From new brand deals to partnerships and collabs, our managers are trained to watchout for your best interests and save you the headache of having to do so yourself.

And best part of all?

No exclusivity contracts. Wanna play buddies with multiple agency partners? Go for it! We’re kinky like that *wink*.



  • No Exclusivity Contracts
  • No Upfront or Hidden Fees
  • Dedicated Account Managers
  • Multidisciplinary Team
  • Hands-off Growth
  • Creator Centric Focus



Monetised is a strategic management partner that helps digital based creators build long-lasting and lucrative careers.

We do it by providing you with hands off, personalised solutions and the infrastructure to generate new revenue streams and grow existing ones across all areas, including:

Brand Deals

We’ll bring recurrent deals to the table. You just sign and laugh all the way to the bank.


From product sourcing to shipping and support: We handle everything.


For your true fans, truly exclusive access: Highly paid access.


Grow beyond mind-numbing, never ending streaming hours and sporadic donations.


Good with words? Let’s make them work for you.

Growth Strategy

Already selling? We'll build funnels that will 3x to 10x your revenue.. FAST.

In essence: We help you make more money with less work.

In doing so, you’ll become more resilient against the volatility of simple ad based monetisation strategies and the unpredictability of these platforms while learning how to price yourself properly and squeeze more value from the deals that you’re already making.




  • What does Monetised actually do?

    So here’s how it works.


    First of, you’re either going to be directly contacted by one of our outreach agents or miraculously land in our website trough the magical mysteries of our marketing efforts.


    From there, the intrigue begins to develop…


    “humm they sound annoyingly cocky”


    “they do seem to know what they’re talking about though”


    “at the same time, kinda too good to be true innit?”


    “but what if it is…?”


    And given that at no point in the process you’ll be asked any weird requests - like money or for you to scrub our Lead Dev Nuno’s hairy back – you’ll want to know more.


    And rightfully so.


    Because when a group of business fanatics, branding visionaries and a bunch of well-behaved minions - that literally get off of brainstorming go-to-market ideas – try to make you money… you listen and you listen very carefully.


    • “It all starts with a brief assessment of your audience and media channels.”


    “From there, an initial strategy for niche exploration will be drafted, presented and discussed with you.“


    • “At all times your own ideas and input will be taken into high consideration – after all, who better knows their followers than their own god.”


    “Once a vision is formed and all parties are aligned in their expectations, work starts…”


    • …“website development, design and branding, product sourcing and quality control, shipping and handling, deliveries, costumer support… we gotchu. Literally every annoying part of creating and growing a business: We’ve got you covered.”


    “In exchange, your job will be to leverage your audience to either promote business(es) that you’ll be the full or partial owner of, or to profit of straightforward brand deals.”


    “As for Monetised, we’ll profit by being equal, partial or majority owners in these very same businesses or by taking a fair cut of the money we’ll effortlessly bring to your table.


    No shady commitments, no weird clauses, no cash advances.


    We make money, if and only when you make money.

  • Do I have to pay or do anything?

    Probably not.


    But it really depends entirely on you, the level of greatness you want to achieve and what you want out of this partnership.


    It goes like this:


    • If you’re looking for a passive MANAGEMENT partnership where you do absolutely nothing besides simply accepting or declining the brand deals we’ll be finding for you, then you don’t have to front any payment whatsoever. We’ll simply take a previously agreed small cut from the brand deal.
    • If you’re a bit more ambitious and feel like leveraging your audience towards giving your first real steps in business, you can do so through JOINT VENTURE partnerships in which (in most cases) you won’t have to invest your own capital or worry about day to day operations. As a co-owner you will just adopt an important and active role in the promotion of the business while sharing the profits.
    • And if you have trapped inside you a mogul in the making looking to establish a BRAND and create your own empire then you’ll have a dedicated team of slaves professionals by your side, taking the load of your shoulders and helping you with ALL the annoying parts of doing so. For this case you might have to invest your own capital, but the details of such partnership are defined on a case by case basis and are always open for discussion.
  • Do you work with big or small creators?

    Do you understand the value of diversifying your revenue sources? We can work with you.


    Are you serious about taking your career to the next level while improving your financial situation further? We can work with you.


    Do you want to plug into a team of marketeers, business strategists, designers and developers who will help you smash your goals and deliver the kind of ROI that will leave you banggin' your chest and "hum hum hummm"-ing à la Wolf of Wallstreet? We can work with you.


    As long as there’s a real opportunity and we’re aligned in our ambition to build something great, then we’re always interested in partnering up, whether you have 2,000 followers or 2 Million.

  • Why is Monetised the right choice for me?

    Picture this.


    You’re in the bar with your best buddy (or at the vegan, no gluten, 5G protected and covid free waffle house - if that’s your thing).


    The nagging is ongoing…


    “so many followers, so many likes, but the closer you’ve ever been to yacht life was the pedal swan by the pond”.


    And you know they’re right.


    You’ve tried promoting crap, you’ve tried selling low quality merch, you even considered pawning your soul to the devil… but what works is too much work and what doesn’t, well, it doesn’t.


    So right in this moment you’re simply out of ideas and the lights in your head keep flicking more profusely than in a low budget horror movie.


    But then, in the midst of that befogged moment, completely out of the blue, lo and behold, a fanfare of maniacs just comes barging into the bar (…or the waffle thing).


    You have no idea what’s going on but they seem to be coming to your table, so you straighten up. You straighten and you listen because what’s about to come can’t be ignored.


    “Do you know when you were a kid and momma would promise: kiddo, if you behave and do what I say today, I’ll give you one of my ciggy’s*”


    *(Or candy if you had a non-deranged mom)


    “Well, Monetised is like momma but for cool ambitious adults. And instead of cigarettes or nefarious sugary sins, if you behave, we’ll bring you diñero, a lot of diñero.”


    “Do you like money, kiddo?”


    And that's basically it, from this moment you’ll be the one writing the rest of the story: your answer to the question will also answer whether we’re the right choice for you or not.

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